2022 Skin Care Trends

It's 2022. We welcome the new year and the new skincare trends with you. Wanna see what's hot in the skincare world according to beauty experts and cosmetic chemists? Keep on reading :)

Sustainable Skincare

Sustainability has to be the biggest skincare trend of the year. Consumers are more conscious about where are the ingredients come from and how were they sourced. Brands are adopting more of a sustainable approach when they develop their new offerings, such as formulating with sustainably sourced plant-based ingredients, avoiding plastic, and reducing or even eliminating water usage.

We have developed a series of waterless skincare and hair care products to fulfill the market needs. Our waterless cleanser is formulated with a gentle surfactant to leave the face soft and moisturized and very easy to use. As we all know, most cleansers and shampoos are formulated with over 50% water, these types of traditional formulas are less energy sufficient and create much packaging waste. Our waterless shampoo balm contains 0% water and all the hair-nourishing goodness. This concentrated formulation can greatly reduce plastic usage.

Fermented Skincare

Fermented skin products are known to provide strong anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and skin microbiome balancing benefits. Fermentation can increase a material's bioactivity to potentially increase the efficacy of the products.

BioFerment serum is the product to add to your product lines. It's formulated with fermented brown rice, sea kelp, and lemon peel. It can help soothe, moisturize, and promote skin health.

Science and Results Driven Skincare

2020 and 2021 have been very stressful for most of us, and stress and certain induce multiple skin issues including uneven skin tone, inflammatory acne, and fine lines. People are searching for simple, yet effective skincare more than ever in order not to complicate their daily routine. 

A clinical skincare collection is about to be available on our website on 1/31/21 to expand your skincare brand. Stay tuned if you would like to offer your customers science and results-driven products. Hyaluronic acid, which continues to be one of the most talked-about skincare ingredients in 2022, can help replenish moisture, help boost collagen, and keep skin look fresh and glowy. 

Broad Protection Skincare

Beyond stressors like UV rays and environmental pollution, blue light protection has become a strong focus in 2022. Due to COVID19 lead working condition changes, people are spending more time in front of their screens. Consumers are expecting to add another layer of protection even when they are indoor.