Billing Terms


The individual to whom the purchase order has been given is referred to as the vendor, or the owner of the website. The individual or business placing the order is referred to as the buyer. The item(s) for which the buyer has placed an order with the seller are referred to as goods or services.

All payments are required when an order is finished. The order for the products won't be placed and nothing will be dispatched if payment isn't made or the payment method is rejected. Any things that are not paid for by the customer are forfeited.

Click the Proceed to Checkout button when you are ready to make your purchases. If you already have an account with us, please log in. If not, you will be asked to do so, or you can checkout as a guest only.

You can check how many things there are overall on your payment screen. Please include your billing address and payment method.

Several payment options are accepted by Glow Essentials:

○ Visa

○ MasterCard

○ American Express

○ Discover

○ Diners Club

○ Apple Pay

○ Google Pay

○ Meta Pay

○ Venmo

○ PayPal

How can I be certain that my financial transaction is safe?
Every credit card transaction that we process takes place in a secure setting. The payment system for Glow Essentials uses 128-bit SSL security encryption. If you see a key lock in the bottom right of your web browser, the transaction is safe. After your order is fulfilled, we no longer save your credit card information. Instead, it is sent straight to our banks. You can be sure that your credit card or bank account information will be secure with every purchase.

Glow Essentials is dedicated to providing all consumers with a secure, pleasurable, and easy online buying experience. Glow Essentials has put in place a payment security screening procedure for your protection. Before an order is finalized, it might be necessary to confirm some customer information. Please make sure that your contact information is valid and up to date in case we need to verify the security of your order.

Shipping Procedure
The client will pay shipping costs in the amount specified by the vendor at the time of purchase. If an item is lost in transit, the vendor will reimburse the buyer for the entire purchase price, including shipping. The seller will use all reasonable efforts to prevent loss, destruction, or damage to the products or services it offers to the buyer.

You may find more information about our shipping rules here: Shipping Policy

Policy for Returns/Refunds
The purchaser is entitled to a refund or the return of the goods if they get in touch with the seller within 15 days of the date of delivery. To manage a return, the customer must send an email to the seller at or use the website's contact us page. Some products cannot be returned. Any and all costs associated with return shipment will be borne entirely by the buyer.

For additional details, please check our refund policy: Refund Policy

Until payment has been received, an order may be cancelled. Buyer is liable for payment even after it has been processed.

If you have any complaints about the products or the seller, kindly get in touch with our support team. You can reach us via email at There is no guarantee the problem will be fixed. The vendor will be notified following careful consideration of each circumstance.

Seller is not liable for any health or safety hazards that may arise after the buyer receives the goods or services. The vendor disclaims all liability for any damage caused by the buyer's purchase of the products. The laws of the state where the website owner resides shall apply to any dispute arising from such use of the website.

These payment guidelines are subject to change.

Your use of this website and completion of a purchase constitutes your acknowledgment and acceptance of our billing terms and conditions.