Beginner’s Guide to Cosmetic Private Labeling and White Labeling

empty cosmetic bottle shampoo bottle serum pump bottles with green leaves representing private label white label manufacturing
Skincare and cosmetics have to be one of the most popular and profitable private label and white label products in 2021. While cosmetics & beauty products are set to worth 43.6 billion dollars in 2021 with 7.4% growth, more people are looking for new opportunities in the beauty space. 

What is Cosmetics Private Labeling?

A private label product is sourced from a manufaturer in order to sell under the retailer's brand. Most cosmetics private label products have room for customization. Retailers can make changes to the products, such as color, scent, consistency, logo design, and packaging. Private label products are more cost effective compared to custom designed formulations and products and could be more profitable than national brands if marketed properly. 

What is Cosmetics White Labeling?

A white label product is a product created by a manufacturer for multiple retailers under different names. In general, white label products provide less flexibility when it comes to customization, but provides massive advantage for speed-to-market. 
Tips for Finding Cosmetic Manufacturers
  • Make sure you purchase a sample kit before making the investiment to ensure quality 
  • Verify that the manufacturer has a legit R&D team
  • Look for manufacturers that can offer clear cost per unit without any hidden fees


  • Glow Essentials Laboratories is founded by Cosmetic Scientist (M.Sc) with many years of experiences formulating products sold at Walmart, Target, Ulta Beauty, WholeFoods, and more. 
  • 30+ ready-to-market, ready-to-fill stock skincare, haircare, cosmeceutical, salon/spa formulation for private labeling and white labeling
  • Glow Essentials Laboratories also provides custom formulation service to help create your unique product for your brand and your brand ONLY
  • As a full service cosmetic laboratories, we also provide testing service, consultation and packaging sourcing services.